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These days, a vast array of speakers in various sizes, shapes, and materials are available to fit any style. However, in spite of all the models that are sold in stores, a resourceful craftsman has created something genuinely original that isn't found there. Mohsen Shirmohammadi, a content creator most known for his YouTube channel Penguin DIY, made a bluetooth speaker that fits inside a walnut!

Mechatronic enthusiast Shirmohammadi crafts unusual devices into amusing gadgets. He records his workflow in in-depth videos to demonstrate how he manages to pull it all together. For instance, in the video for the walnut bluetooth speaker, we watch him polish the interior walls of the walnut before putting in a tiny 5 V power bank module that needs to be rearranged in order to fit inside the shell.

The maker manages to extend the LEDs and wire them up despite the limited space by stacking and fitting an HXJ8002 mini audio amplifier module and an MH-MH18 Bluetooth audio module in one half of the walnut shell. He squeezes in a 4Ω 2 W mini speaker on the other side of the small area. The content creator drills several tiny holes in the shell to release the sound. He adds three small switches for volume control, previous and next track, and play/pause as finishing touches.

The inventor wrote, “From the choice of the perfect walnut shell to the installation of modules, amplifiers speakers, and a rechargeable battery, this project is a fusion of nature and technology. Join us on this unique journey of creativity and innovation. Don't miss out on this extraordinary walnut shell speaker project—a must-watch for DIY enthusiasts and music aficionados!” 

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