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Date: 2018-10-13

The Try Guys on YouTube hop into cringy couples Halloween Costumes – possibly the worst ones ever invented – and it's hilarious.

I'm sure you can relate. Every year you see people wearing costumes and you ask yourself "what were they thinking!?" This is because the industry is trying to push couples costumes onto everybody, and sometimes the results just are not CUTE!

Did you know you can get a costume as a set of puzzle pieces? Well, that just takes "You Complete Me" to a seriously corny level. What about a hot dog bun and a wiener? or a deer in headlights? No?

Maybe if you are pregnant and want the whole world to know on Halloween, then get the 'Bun Maker and 'Bun in the Oven' costume.

See the video below for more ideas on super cringy Halloween couple's costumes. Try not to get any ideas.

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