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There's something exceptionally rewarding, albeit bad for your karma, at laughing at other people's foibles. Take, for instance,  the parents who accidentally drop their kids birthday cake on the youngsters head. Or, the dad who thinks he's super-cool on that hoverboard – you just know it's going to end in tears.

Then there are kids who, let's be honest, will surprise us by actually making it to adulthood. I mean, most of them seem just like drunk little people high on sugar. To be fair, when they accidentally whack dad in the balls with a baseball bat, we all have a helluva laugh.

Then, you have that crazy uncle who impersonates a machine gun with his false teeth. Yes, it's funny for those who know him but, for the rest of us, it's just something that can't be unseen.

Last, but certainly not least, we have those reprobate creatures we call 'pets'. Whether their being mean or, often, just plain stupid, they do bring a chunk of fluffy funnies to our lives.

And, with all that in mind, we present you a clip called, 'You'll laugh till you fart'. And we all know, catching a fart on film is always hilarious!

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