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Robert Lawrence Stine, or the 'Steven King' of children's novels, turns 75 today.

The author of hundreds of horror fiction novels, including books like Fear Street, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, The Nightmare Room and of course the infamous Goosebumps series have sold over 400 million copies, and that's just as of 2008.

Mental Floss compiled a list of some witty and wise quotes from R.L. Stine over the years and we can't help but share them.

His Inspiration to horror. - Interview with Harper Collins.

“It was Pinocchio. My mother read it to me every day before naptime when I was three or four. The original Pinocchio is terrifying. First, he smashes Jiminy Cricket to death with a wooden mallet. Then he goes to sleep with his feet up on the stove and burns his feet off! I never forgot it!”

Do his books scare him? - Interview with Village Voice.

"People say, 'Your book keeps giving me chills,' but I don't know what that feeling is. Horror always makes me laugh. Normal adult things scare me, but not things from a book or a movie."

R.L. Stines writing process - Interview with The Author Hour.

"I think of the titles first. I think I work backwards from most authors. Most authors get an idea for a story and they start to write it, and then later they think of a title. But I think of the title first and then the title sort of leads me to the story ... I know the ending, so then I know I can always get there. I plan out every book first before I write a word. I do a chapter-by-chapter outline of every book. So before I start to write, I know everything that’s going to happen in the book. I have it all planned, and then I can just enjoy the writing. I’ve done all the hard part. I’ve done the thinking before I start to write."

Best Advice he's ever received - Interview with C2E2.

"An editor once wrote on the top of a manuscript I'd written: 'Needs more lore.' MORE LORE is the best advice I ever got."

Writing for adults versus children - Interview with Bloomberg.

"It’s like a runner who’s used to doing sprints and then decides to do a marathon. When I write for kids it has to be kind of believable, but they also have to know it’s a fantasy. But when you write horror for adults, every detail has to be real. I actually had to do research on things like vegetation on the Outer Banks."

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