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Certain places on Earth are deadly, here are 15 of the most dangerous.

From uncomplicated yet obviously dangerous sites such as volcanos to deadly fauna and flora that can kill you without you even seeing the danger, these 15 places are the most dangerous on Earth.

Volcanos, for the most part, are an obvious danger, standing tall and ominous on the horizon. But what happens when they're under the ground and less apparent? Well, that's what you'll find in Ethiopia's Danakil Depression, a geological rift caused by three tectonic plates diverging. Not only does it sit 100-metres below sea level but it also records some of the hottest average temperatures on Earth. Here, you'll find crater lakes of lava bubbling up from the mantle of the Earth and sulfur springs spewing poisonous gas into the air. Unquestionably, this place is not hospitable, but palaeontologists have suggested that this is perhaps where the human species first evolved.

On the other end of the spectrum is Fraser Island in Australia. This area of the world has a beautiful beach that is off-limits to humans. From deadly jellyfish and Blue Bottles to dangerous sand lurking in the frigid water, this place is a death trap. The wildlife on the beach is also out to get you, with poisonous snakes and wild Dingos who want to eat you, not to mention the spiders with toxic venom that will end your life.

To find out more about these and the other areas on this list of 15 most dangerous places on Earth, join YouTube's Top Fives channel in the video below. You'll be surprised how many accessible places there are that would like to remove the life from your body!

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