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Are you ready for the most ludicrous thing you have ever seen? Well, you're in luck as these are the top 10 most ridiculous celebrity homes out there today.

I mean, we knew they earned a lot of money... but not this much! It will put any mansion to shame and we are pretty sure that if we lived there we would never, ever leave the house. You can't even get sick of it because it's so big you simply go to a different part of the house every day. From spa's to basketball courts, they have it all.

Did you ever have your own room as a child just filled with all your toys? Yes, well, these celeb kids have a double story room just to play in! Oh, and only peasants sleep and live in one house... so you have to have at least two houses on one property, right?

If you're that famous, you can literally buy anything and we aren't so sure you can't buy happiness with these houses!

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