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Children are challenging, whether you are simply babysitting or they are actually your children, they will find new ways to push boundaries and get around the system.

It can be frustrating but sometimes it's really funny and these parents decided that the world needed to know what goes on behind closed doors. The pure innocence and raw honesty of six-year-olds is so evident in these posts but parents (if they are quick thinking and have ninja-like reflexes) can get around kid logic too in some of the most genius ways!

Kids haven't exactly learned the art of tact so, when you ask something, expect to hear the brutally honest truth – from being called old to fat, you will hear it all! It's clear that a lot of these kids don't have any self-confidence issues, like one kid who thinks the babysitter pays his mom to hang out with him. Imagine having so much confidence at the age of six that you think people pay to hang out with you!

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