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It's kind of obvious why some of these ads were banned. However, they do get the point of the product across pretty well. If the saying is true – these sexy women definitely sold these ads. 

Who knew little peeping toms could be the ultimate ad for tampons. The Dorito ad definitely takes the cake of a mixture of funny and, well, a little scary. However, the guy in the DSTV ad didn't win with his woman and it looked painful! A lot of these Ads seem to show women asking the dreaded recurring question: "Does my bum look big in this", which men can apparently never get right!

While most Durex ads seem to be awkward and clumsy because... well it is a bit awkward to advertise, this one brings humor to the situation. Even food has become sexy with a three–way bacon burger which looks pretty good, despite the connotation. 

Either way, these ads definitely win! Have you seen any good ads lately? let us know!

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