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Educators frequently rank among the most significant figures in the lives of their pupils. Few people have the same capacity to uplift and assist a child as they do. But teachers frequently have to pay for their own supplies for the classroom, which depletes their already meagre pay. A recent study estimates that in 2023, American teachers will have paid about $3.24 billion of their own funds for school supplies, with an average teacher spending $853.90.

These astounding figures broke the previous record for the largest sum ever disclosed. They might have something to do with prices going up as a result of inflation, but they might also have something to do with salaries not going up to counteract its effects. Many educators have left the field to pursue other careers as a result of these factors combined with the COVID-19 aftereffects.

Reddit users have shared their experiences in the comment sections of this post, which has made its way there. One of the top comments reads, "My wife teaches here in the United States. The sum of money we've spent on these kids' school supplies and snacks so they have food every year would be astounding. 

Another comment reads, “The fact that teachers can only deduct 600 buck[s] on their taxes from what they spend is criminal. Teachers have to spend so freaking much of their own money, just to keep the schools running.”

The data is very illuminating regarding the selfless expenditure of devoted teachers and how education budget cuts put additional pressure on educators, which can therefore result in lower-quality instruction for young brains. There is no doubt that the federal and local governments need to give this issue more consideration. 

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