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When we want to glam it up for a special event, we turn to the professionals to show us how it's done. Somehow, well – for me at least, it always ends with me looking like a panda that has had no sleep in the past 4 days... yikes! 

All the videos start the same, bloggers trying to make themselves look like the average natural girl even though it looks like they used a paint brush to layer on all that base. If you think these bloggers do this as a hobby, you guessed wrong. Every time they mention a product, they get a promotional fee, hence the all too common, "I loooove this product because it just makes me feel so great". Keeping in mind that all of the above products could probably break your bank account, even though you could most likely find something that does the same thing at a fraction of the price.

Let's not forget the oh-so-staged "make–up challenges" posed with other bloggers who are overly friendly with high–pitched unnecessary giggles. And then never see each other again.

Aaaaand just to get another video online, one's boyfriend MUST do their make up, extremely badly just to make a point.

This will definitely have cynics laughing till the very end, poking all kinds of fun at beauty gurus. Watch till the very end, it's pretty funny!

Have you had any makeup tutorial fails? Share them with us in the comments below.


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