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Different types of people are into different types of music... And even then, they're into different concerts as well. For example, you could love Miley Cyrus, but you don't want to necessarily see her humping a foam finger on stage, do you?

When it comes to different genres of music and their live concerts, there are very particular stereotypes that apply to the fans that are there.

You get fans of classical music – the ones who appreciate it, as well as the ones who fall asleep.

You get Indie fans, who usually just talk about how rad and "chill" the band is while showing off their retro memorabilia.

There are hippie fans, who just sway with their flowers in their hair talking about their souls.

The punk rock fans are mostly just at the concert in the hopes that they'll get into a mosh pit and get seriously injured.

The pop fans usually hold up signs and act like the artist is their closest friend because they follow them on Instagram.

And the hip-hop fans just kind of stand there arguing about which rap artist is best.

All fans are different – and here are all the different types!

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