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TV is designed to appear put together, well-planned and have a smooth execution. Even live TV is planned and scripted to a certain extent so that anchors and interviewees look professional. However, not everything goes as planned and, sometimes, it even ends up on live TV. Whether or not the anchor knows whats going on, it tends to be pretty hilarious.

At times, even the reporters can't keep themselves together and end up giggling like little children. Other times, reporters have to deal with unexpected events or even people popping up in the background. Without even trying, dirty words are flying around the TV station and even conversations that start off innocently enough take a bit of a U-turn. It's an unspoken law that weather reporters just can't wear green but sometimes they just don't get the message, much to the audience's delight!  

Have you seen any live TV bloopers lately? Share them with us in the comments below.

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