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When you become a celebrity, like it or not, you become a role model for millions of people around the world. People take your talent, your personality and even your looks straight to their hearts. You become an idol, an icon, a symbol of something special for your fans.

As a result, your fans fall in love with you! You get the typical person with your name on their t shirt, your posters on their walls, your music taking up their playlists...

But you also get those super fans who take their love for you a little too far.

Hmmm, let's think of an example here.

Oh! This is a good one. If you have a fan who has tattooed their body into a shrine for you – I'm talking your face everywhere, copies of your own tattoos, other crazy shit – that might be considered a little fucking creepy.

Watch this video to see the most obsessed celeb fans who took their love into obsession, and took their obsession into CRAZY!

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