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Date: 2018-10-24

In the Spirit of Halloween, where all things scary and unpleasant occurs, I bring to you the most shocking moments caught on Facebook Live Streaming.

In January 2017, four adults in Chicago streamed their kidnapping and torture of an eighteen-year-old man with special needs who once believed they were all friends. This heartbreaking attack was streamed for half an hour before police arrived, the worst part was that the police only became involved after a neighbour called 911 after being assaulted by the attackers. What made the video so terrible was the political and racist attacks on the victim. The boy was bound, gagged and subjected to both physical and emotional abuse. The victim was beaten, threatened, forced to drink toilet water and had his head shaved with a blade.

The live video watchers did not call the police, some reportedly tried to talk down to the kidnappers however only when the attacker's neighbour tried to tell them to keep it down and being attacked and robbed herself did she call the police, to which they came and found the eighteen-year-old that had gone missing almost 48 hours before.

See the video below for more shocking Facebook Live moments.

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