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Keno's animal sanctuary is one of the most well-known and original animal rescue centres in the USA. The centre is run by James Guiliani, a former Gambino family enforcer who gave up life in the mob to rescue animals who would otherwise have no other hope. Although the sanctuary violates the city's regulations, Guiliani claims it is the reason he lives.

Not only does he rescue dogs and cats, he also rescues squirrels, raccoons, birds and tortoises. He lives on 3 hours of sleep a night, fuelled by many shots of espresso a day, but wouldn't have it any other way to pursue his passion.

After drinking his last drop of alcohol 14 years ago, he started the sanctuary which is all funded by his grooming salon, "Diamond Collar". He keeps 20 animals in his own home and two floors of rescued animals at the sanctuary. The top floor is filled with squirrels and raccoons who live in cages and are released once they have been rehabilitated, the bottom floor is filled with dogs and cats who live free of cages and are left to rule the sanctuary.

Although it must be pretty messy and noisy, it seems like he truly is making a difference.

Check out a day in the life of James Guiliani, The Dogfather!

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