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There are days (like every Monday) where everyone just wishes they could find something, literally anything, to make their lives easier. Even the smallest thing could make the pain more bearable, hence, the creation of life hacks.

But, life hacks don't always go as planned, for instance, some were only meant for people who are professionals at... well, life. This brought about the need for life hacks that are so simple, they seem stupid – but they actually work!

If you're brave enough you could try putting a cape on your significant other when they are mad at you and then exclaim: "Now you're super mad!". We aren't so sure that this one is 100% effective so, if you value your life, maybe give it a skip, but check out the video below for some more hacks you would never think of but actually work!

Do you have any crazy life hacks that work? Let us know in the comments below.

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