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Date: 2017-09-07

To be honest? We didn't even know that weed beauty products existed until coming across this video.

.. And we can't believe we haven't heard of it before!

I suppose it does make sense – hemp and marijuana are actually very good for you [sorry to all the moms out there, but it's true]! 

In this video, they try out all different types of marijuana beauty products – face creams, masks, lip products and more. 

But the main question is, do these beauty products make you high?

I think they're hoping it does, as we can see when one of the guys sees the marijuana lipstick and says, "that could be fun! Can you imagine making out with someone and just getting each other high back and forth??"

Well, watch the video and see what effects come from the products – you may just want to buy them afterwards!

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