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Date: 2018-10-30

Billie Eilish's new music video is not for the faint-hearted! The single take, continuous video features the blue-haired singer drinking a glass of black liquid which later is seen leaking from her eyes.

We questioned whether this would have been done post-production with technical effects however she is seen wiping her face and smearing the black liquid everywhere, which makes it harder to believe it would have been done with special effects. The answer to how this stunt was pulled off comes from a now-deleted Instagram video that fans say she posted last month. The video shows Billie with tubes of her skin tone draped right into the corners of her eyes, ready to pour black liquid that looks just like what Billie drinks. It's not entirely known as to how the production team hid those tubes but needless to say the job was very well done.

Billie shares in a press statement that the idea came from fan art she received "A bit ago, I was given this beautiful piece of art from a fan that was a drawing of me with black eyes leaking. I thought it was visually really dope and I wanted to physically create it.

"I called everyone on my team and told them exactly what I had in mind. Everyone that worked on it was amazing and it turned out unreal!" She added, and unreal it is!

Take a look at Billie's new music video below if you dare.

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