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There's a huge misconception that the longer you're in a relationship, the more boring it becomes. No more passion, no more surprises.

But people are missing out on the HUGE upsides to being in a long-term relationship. More honesty, more comfortability. 

For example, in a new relationship, it would seem pretty rude to reject a kiss in the morning because of bad breath right? So you suck it up and hold your breath while your partner hands over a nice taste of death to start your day. Gross.

But in long-term relationships, it's totally okay to say "babe, your breath smells like garbage" - and have a laugh about it! 

Rather than trying to find out the giant mystery of who the fuck your partner actually is - you get better at reading each others' minds! 

What more could you want?

Let us know whether you like new romance or long-term love!

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