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It's a new, modern world, gay relationships are becoming more accepted around the globe and gay marriage is becoming legal in many countries. This has led to an increase in the gay community as men and women feel more comfortable coming out. But, like everything, there are always people who push back and turn things into an issue.

Well, now the gay community is pushing right back! Girls tend to get on with gay men and relate to them more easily but this could be used more craftily if put in the wrong hands! The gay community has now threatened gay haters with their girlfriends! They are threatening to marry other men's girlfriends if they continue to give them trouble about gay marriage.

They claim they could be the perfect husbands, lending a listening ear, and cooking them the best meals. Not to mention that these men actually enjoy doing the things girls beg to do on dates, including that upmarket gallery opening that they booked over a month ago... Duh. Remember all those fights about your boyfriend looking at that other girl at the party? Ye, well that just isn't even a feature anymore.

Sounds like the perfect relationship right? Watch out straight men! Support each other and the world will be a much more peaceful place!

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