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Television adverts don't always have to be serious or emotional, sometimes they're hilarious. Here are some of the funniest commercials of all time.

To the youth of today, TV adverts interrupting your favourite sitcom is unthinkable. For the rest of us, it was natural, albeit annoying. Fortunately, not all of those commercials were boring, some of them were hilarious.

For instance, the VW advert where a man is buying a used Golf for his son is epic. The owner comes out to show them the car, and she's an old granny, much to the glee of the dad. He proceeds to kick the tyres, rev the engine and push on the suspension, nodding in approval as he goes along. Little does he know, as he's doing this, Granny is having flashbacks of ramping the car, drifting around corners and generally being a lunatic.

It's hilarious and one for the history books!

There are a bunch more of some of the funniest commercials in the video below by YouTuber, Big Fusion. Check them out by hitting that play button immediately!

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