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Hotels at airports are usually very boring and basic. Since it’s mostly used by very tired travellers looking for a place to rest their heads before they catch their connecting flight, this makes sense.

But, if you’re into the classic era of flying, then you’ll love the TWA Hotel at New York’s JFK Airport. The hotel was inspired by the companies 1960s style, and is a fabulous ode to a grand era in flying.

I'ts built in a former terminal and is the only on-site hotel at JFK. Forget sea views when you can get a room that looks out onto one of JFK’s runways. Don’t worry, the hotel guarantees that the rooms are quiet, something they are very adamant about.

The stylish hotel offers 512 hotel rooms, different meeting rooms, a lounge, cafe, gym, food hall and exhibitions. The different exhibitions showcase cars from the 1960s as well as flight attendant outfits, diaries and in-flight amenities from the celebrated decade. They’re scattered all over the hotel and free for all to view.

In the mood for a swim before you catch your next flight? No problem! The TWA Hotel’s poolcuzzi looks out onto one of the runways and is always kept at a warm temperature so that, no matter what time you’re in the mood for a swim or if you’re just jet lagged, you can jump in.

Even if your layover isn’t long enough to justify checking in, you’re welcome to explore the hotel. Why not grab a bite to eat, get a drink and relax in the comfort of a glamorous flying era? It’s definitely on our bucket list.

Watch Sam Chui’s video below to see what the hotel is like.

Image credit: TWA Hotel

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