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In the past, your hotel room has been a place to kick back after a fun day on your vacation. But these hotels are making sure that the fun does not end after stepping into your hotel room.

In fact, these hotels are using incredibly clever and humorous marketing skills to make staying in their hotel a fun experience on its own!

Taking old hotel room items, hotels are beginning to mix things up. 

The "Do Not Disturb" sign has changed to the "Please don't come in now. There are things we are doing that don't include you"! 

The check cards given to you before you leave to ensure you don't forget your belongings actually include reminders to steal the bathroom toiletries!

While being incredibly funny and clever, this creative marketing could be incredible for the hotel as well! After all, what fun is a normal "bleh" hotel now that we know about these awesome new hotel features??

Have you ever been to a hotel with funny and creative quirks in the rooms? Let us know!

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