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A stuffed animal can be more than just a shape and material, and can sometimes become one’s best friend. And it is hard not having your best friend or losing it. 

Claire Cummings knows just how important it can be to have your best friend near, as she brought a special pup its best friend back. On her way to a friend’s house, she spotted a stuffed pig lying on the sidewalk. Taking another peek at the unusual site, she realised a dog leaning over a wall, desperately trying to get his stuffed pig back. 

The poor pup managed to drop his toy over the wall. It wasn’t clear for how long he has been waiting, but it was clear that he was hoping someone along the way could help. 

“He could have easily jumped over the wall he was leaning on to get it but has obviously been trained very well not to jump over the wall.”

Cummings had always had a love and care for animals and even opened her own dog walking company together with her partner. Caring deeply for animals, and seeing the poor pups sad face she immediately knew what she had to do. 

Cummings immediately turned her car around and pulled over. She  then rushed to the perplexed dog to help him get his beloved toy back. “We are huge animal lovers and would have hated to have thought that he could be sitting there waiting and nobody would help.” 

As soon as the dog had the toy safely back in his possession, he was thrilled and happily accepted some attention and pats as thanks. Cummings was thrilled that she was able to help make the sweet dog’s day better.

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