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From putting a lid on boiling water to eating Cheetos with chopsticks, here are 18 Things You've Been Doing Wrong – Lifehack 101.

Apparently, the right way to eat a cupcake is by tearing or cutting the bottom half of the cupcake and sandwiching it over the top half. Even though it’s strange, what it does do is make for a neater snack and even out the icing to cupcake ratio.

Or maybe you’ve seen this picture of Star Wars star, Oscar Isaac, floating around on the internet. As ridiculous as it looks, lots of people eat Cheetos and other, season heavy, cheesy snacks with chopsticks. It helps to not get any of that red or orange food residue all over your fingers that takes a few handwashes to really scrub out.

Here’s another fact you probably didn’t know about. Have you ever heard that placing a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water helps the water from spilling over? It sounds fake, but it apparently works. It looks like magic, but science can explain this one. The wooden spoon acts as a destabiliser to the naturally unstable bubbles. When it reaches the surface of the spoon, the boiling water retreats, keeping your pasta or soup from making a mess on the stove top. You're welcome.

See the video below for all 18 hacks:

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