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It's time to check out 10 pools to try before you die!

There's just something magical about a pool. Besides the fact that it gives you the ultimate cool down during the warm summer months, it could also offer jaw-dropping views in the most beautiful places in the world.

Top 5 Best on YouTube compiled a list of 10 pools to try before you die. Here are our favourites…

You've probably heard about arguably the world's favourite infinity pool. If you haven't, you've definitely seen it on social media as it's a favourite spot for influencers. Now that you know what we're talking about, let us introduce you to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

The pool is about 200 metres up in the air and overlooks views of Singapore that you simply can't describe to someone. It's only accessible if you stay over at the hotel so, unfortunately, it's not open to the public. But that just adds to the exclusivity, right?

If the name doesn't intrigue you, the sight of The Library-Blood Red Pool in Thailand surely will. The Library Resort is spectacular but, on an island like Koh Samui, you have to do whatever you can to make your resort stand out from the rest. Even if it means dying your pool water red.

Our favourite on the list? The Underground Zodiac Pool in India. Back in the day, the hotel used to be a private residence. In fact, it was the largest private residence in the world at one stage. The underground pool is mysterious, and features an underground mosaic of the 12 signs of the zodiac. It's frequented by a royal Indian family, so make sure you know what you (and your budget) are in for.

Watch the Top 5 Best video below to see these pools and more.

Image credit: The Italian Eye Magazine

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