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Here are 100 facts about Millennials that you can discuss at your next dinner party.

There are many myths about Millenials, or Gen Y, as they're also known. Born between 1981 and 1996, many of this generation are in their late 30s and, as our host, Erin McCarthy of Mental Floss says, "they are a generation that has been blamed for the death of the American shopping mall and the rise of social media."

The list goes through a vast spread of themes, from schooling to debt, depression and business. They get married much older, if at all, and fewer Millennials go to church that previous generations. They spend a lot of time on the internet, prefer soccer to baseball, and enjoy offline hobbies.

Millennials also don't like driving and would rather lease a car than buy one outright. They listen to a lot of music, and almost all of them prefer to stream movies than watch it on cable. They're also a lot less likely to complain about bad service than their parents.

The figures show that they are more likely to stay in a job longer, which might be a shocker to some, and they would happily work at a job they love for less money than at one they hate for more.

Erin says, "What myths are there about millennials, and what true conclusions can we draw about this much-criticized generation?" Let's join her to find out as she runs through 100 facts about millennials.

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