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Even the most experienced pilots are challenged when landing at any of these 15 most dangerous aircraft runways in the world.

There are thousands of airports around the world, but some of them have runways that leave a lot to be desired. For example, imagine having a runway bisected by a train track. Well, that's what pilots have to deal with in New Zealand's Gisborne Airport. It's a single-terminal airport that requires constant communication between the pilot, air-traffic control and the railway company.

Then, how about the runway on the top of the Lesotho mountains. The country lies within the borders of South Africa, and the runway is the only way to access many of the villages in the highlands other than in very capable four-wheel-drive vehicles. The problem is that the bumpy sand runway that is maintained by the locals is very short. Land too late and you risk running long, which means you risk plummeting down 1,000 feet to the bottom. When taking off, the planes can't reach a high enough speed to create lift, so they actually fall off the mountain first before they fly.

Other difficult runways include the ice of the Arctic, island landings and every aircraft carrier ever. To find out more, check out the video below by YouTubers, Top Fives, it'll put flying a plane into a whole new perspective.

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