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The animal world is an incredible place, but there are some rare species that you'll probably never see with your own eyes. Here's a list of 15 of them.

Have you ever seen a Shoebill Stork? Well, unless you live in eastern Africa, you're not likely to. That's because they're a rare breed of bird that lives in vast swamps of the tropics. These birds get as tall as 140cm, that's 55 inches, with a wingspan of up to 260cm or 8 ft 6 in. Its 24cm long bill ends in a sharp nail and is used to catch fish. It is notorious for standing, statue-like, for long periods as it hunts for its prey, which includes snakes.

With that enormous bill, the usually silent birds perform a bill-clattering display when nesting. According to Wikipedia, "they've also been noted to utter a cow-like moo as well as high-pitched whines... When young are begging for food, they call out with a sound uncannily like human hiccups."

At last estimate, there are between 5,000 and 8,000 individuals left, spread across six countries. They have been classified as Vulnerable by BirdLife International as humans continue to destroy their habitat.

Other unusual creatures on this list include the Pangolin, the Seneca White Deer, the Elephant Shrew and many others. To find out more about them, then smash the play button on YouTube's Amerikano channel below.


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