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It's not often we think about water dwellers eating anything that's not underwater, but here are 15 water creatures that eat land animals.

We've all seen images of Great White sharks breaching the surface of the ocean with a seal in its jaws (see what I did there). But how many of us know that they're not the only water dwellers who eat land animals? The Great White shark makes this list because it'll happily take a bite out of an unsuspecting human, but other creatures actively hunt land animals.

Take the Archerfish for example; this small freshwater fish captures insects. But we're not talking about mosquitos lurking on the water, we're talking wasps and beetles sitting on branches several feet above the surface. It's developed a unique ability to squirt a stream of water from its mouth with deadly accuracy. The water travels with enough force to knock the prey from the branch and into the water where the Archerfish scoops it up. That's pretty badass!

Looking to the oceans again, and the Giant Trevally is another intrepid hunter. However, not satisfied with just eating smaller fish, the Giant Trevally has turned its attention to birds, flying ones. It launches itself out of the water and catches birds in flight, like a boss!

There are many other water creatures on this list, like the crab-eating octopus, the Orca that has a taste for moose and the catfish that hunts pigeons. Find out all about them and others in the video by YouTuber, Amerikano, below.

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