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Some people have the talent to create a masterpiece with one pencil stroke, as they are born with an innate talent and creative drive. Some people draw a masterpiece from an idea that popped up in their head, just like 15-year-old Dušan Krtolica.

 At two years old, Serbian child prodigy Dušan began drawing from the moment he could hold a pencil. Since then, he never lost his love for drawing and creativity. His work was discovered four years ago, aged 11, where he already showed immense talent. His drawing skills have evidently improved over the years, but his favourite subject to draw is the animal kingdom.

Only using pencils or black pens, Krtolica draws anatomically correct animals, flora, and fauna just from memory. Since his parents bought him a comprehensive encyclopedia of animals, his love and interest grew with the natural world.

After absorbing the images and wealth of information, Krtolica said, "I'm going to draw all of them." He has since released his artistic skill and sketched magnificent drawings of wild animals with fine detail of every hair, tusk, and hoof of each creature.

However, like all children, Krtolica is also fascinated with dinosaurs and early mammals. He also had the opportunity recently to write and illustrate his very own published encyclopedia, teeming with prehistoric animals. 

Krtolica wrote on Facebook, "Our planet is four and a half billion years old. If we were to condense the history of Earth into one year, the whole of human existence would fit into the last few minutes. But what kind of species would we be if we did not want to explore everything that happened millions of years ago, before we appeared?"

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