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Its currently believed by scientists that modern man came into existence about 200 thousand years ago, civilisations as we know they are only about 6000 years old and industrialisation only started 200 years ago, however, there have been many artifacts to be found throughout the years that do not even come close to fitting into this timeline. Once in a while strange and out of place artifacts from the ancient past are discovered making us wonder and question if we are really the first of our kind here on earth?

The most impressive of all is what we know as 'The London Hammer'.
In June 1936 a couple went on a stroll in Red Creek in London, Texas, on their walk they saw a loose rock with a piece of wood sticking out of it, out of curiosity they took it home and kept it. An entire decade later their son cracked it open with a chisel and hammer, utterly tumped they tuned over the artifact to archaeologists who were startled by the find. What made the hammer so unique, is that the rock encasing the hammer dates as far back as 100 million years old, belonging in the Ordovician era, way before dinosaurs. The head portion of the hammer is made from 96.6% iron, which is far too pure for what nature is capable of producing without the help of technology, the real kicker here is that the iron itself is said to be 500 million years old, its so old the portion of the wooden hammer has started to turn into coal and coal takes a minimum of 30 million years to form. No one has been able to confirm the origins of The London Hammer.

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