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Doomsday preppers are springing up all over the world nowadays. If it all goes up in smoke, here are 15 zombie-proof houses to help you survive armageddon.

Some people may laugh at those who have decided to live in a bunker underground, but who'll have the last-laugh if armageddon does come knocking?

Well, the only people having any kind of laughter will be the preppers who have created zombie-proof homes to help them survive. Some of these homes used to be missile bunkers before being decommissioned, which means that they were constructed to withstand being bombed. If they can keep bombs at bay, then it's unlikely zombies can get in.

Other homes have been built on tiny islands, far enough off-shore that the undead will never be able to reach. These island-retreats offer a secure environment for a while... until food starts running out.

Others are more accessible but have been designed to lock their occupants into a fortress of concrete and steel. Some even have a drawbridge to make access even more difficult!

Whichever way you spin it, a zombie-proof home that can help you survive armageddon is probably a good thing, but best you be wealthy, they don't come cheap! Check out The Genius Lemon's YouTube video on 15 of these zombie-proof houses below.

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