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The amazing photographs taken by astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy never cease to amaze us. Recently, he assembled 50,000 photos to create an amazing, high-resolution image of the moon. He used the opportunity to produce a vibrant version that highlights the moon's geological composition while he was working on that project. Utilising the colour information from 150,000 lunar images, he has created a creative 64-megapixel colour lunar image.

Unlike the more conventional image he recently released, this avant-garde image reveals the moon's hidden colours by peeled-back layers. According to McCarthy, "the colour was already there, concealed by the moon's albedo's glare and representing the mineral content of our moon." "This image illustrates what the moon might look like if our eyes and brain were much more sensitive to colour, whereas my earlier images showed you the detail you could see if your eyes were sharper. Oranges indicate low titanium content in the basalt, while blues indicate high titanium content. 

The moon's geological map reveals the true mineral wealth of the lunar surface. McCarthy creates a visually striking image that makes it simple to understand the chemical composition of the moon. Two distinct cameras' worth of images were combined to create the original. One recorded the moon's surface details and texture, while the other captured the stars, colour, and atmospheric haze. 

McCarthy produced a charming animation in addition to the high resolution photo, which can be downloaded as an 11 MB JPG or a 23 MB PNG. Here, the moon is gradually displaying its color to the entire world. 
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