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Laurent Schwarz's parents did not anticipate that the toddler would find his love for painting in the activity room of their hotel when they took him on vacation to Italy last year, but that is exactly what transpired. The child has his own studio set up in the family's house less than a year later, and some of his paintings are selling for as much as $7,000. Laurent, a 2-year-old artist, has over 37,000 devoted fans and followers on Instagram, where he started sharing pictures and videos of his creations in December 2023 after his mother made him an account.

The boy has won over both casual viewers and collectors with his vivid, colourful style and emphasis on portraying his favourite animals. As a result, people have been paying thousands of dollars for his acrylic paintings. The vivid artwork of Laurent has already been displayed at European art festivals and will soon be shown in a gallery in New York City.

Laurent's mother assures that even though his work is selling for a high price, it is being handled responsibly. To give her son a head start as a young adult, she is depositing all of the proceeds from the sale of his paintings into a bank account that he can only access once he turns 18. 

For the time being, Laurent enjoys using a medium that his family is familiar with to express himself. Since both Schwarz's father and grandfather are artists, creativity runs in the family, and it's impossible to avoid wondering if the boy was influenced by their work. In any case, the youthful painter looks the part because, when he's in his studio, he dons a cute, kid-sized smock. In the words of Picasso, "Every child is an artist." 

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