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In the Atlantic and Mediterranean, there have been frequent "attacks" on boats since 2017. At least four boats have been sunk by orcas who have been forcing themselves into boats. Just this past May, one boat was sunk off the Strait of Gibraltar. It was difficult to see the orca incidents as killer whales protesting humanity, particularly during the COVID lockdown. It turns out, however, that the orcas haven't truly become a renegade branch of Extinction Rebellion, despite over 670 “interactions” over the previous four years. And no, sun worshippers on fancy yachts are not viewed by orcas as lobsters to be plucked from a tank for dinner.

Shamu's Iberian cousins appear to be amusing themselves, according to a recent report released by the Atlantic Orca Working Group (GTOA). Consider yourself a particularly bored teenager going through a growth spurt to reach 16 stone. What is a young orca to do when there are no Play Stations underwater? not going hunting. The population of bluefin tuna has surged, reducing the need for the 40 or so critically endangered Iberian orcas to chase after every possible meal. Consequently, more time has been available for pursuing hobbies. These inquisitive creatures, who rank among the smartest on the planet, require mental stimulation.

Of the forty, a core group of fifteen mischievous individuals have been participating in what can be described as the orca equivalent of a TikTok challenge. The majority of the orcas are male, and all of them are either juveniles or adolescents. After a cool orca began to bump rudders, the others began to imitate his actions. The issue is that they're all growing significantly larger, which is causing unintentional chaos. 

Evidently, trendsetters can have an impact on killer whales, just like they can on humans. One hipster orca in Puget Sound was observed donning a fish as a hat in the 1980s. Then, in less than two months, fish hats were being worn by orcas from three nearby pods. Then they abruptly stopped, as though they were tired of the dead fish. A different group of male orcas enjoys rearranging the crab and prawn traps used by fishermen. Given that they don't usually eat crabs or prawns, scientists are pretty sure this is all just for fun. Put another way, the orcas may avoid them until they discover a new pattern to follow, but they don't mean any harm.
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