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Pets have long served as sources of inspiration for artists. Pet photography and even funny crafts honouring our furry friends are abundant and seem to go on forever. However, it turns out that animals can inspire musicians to compose beautiful music as well—not just silly love songs you sing to your pet. Through his Sympawnies series, artist and composer Noam Oxman captures the personalities of animals, giving each pet a "symphony" of their own.

Oxman takes the playful nature of a puppy or the laid-back attitude of a cat and turns it into music. The likeness of the pet is also incorporated into the sheet music by the composer. Thus, the sympawnies are a testament to their distinct personalities as well as their endearing looks. Oxman arranges it for various instruments to add even more allure, providing a unique portrait and a poignant, rich sound. 

The composer's originality is reflected in the titles of his works as well. Oxman plays with the ideas of classical music, giving them a whimsical spin. For example, the composer wrote a "Viennese Wolftz" inspired by a dog named Bashka, and a piano "quartail" inspired by a dog named Lola. On Oxman's website, you can commission a musical portrait of your pet if you'd like it to have a special message written just for them. By choosing to immortalise your cherished friend, you will also be helping animals in need, as the composer has promised to donate a minimum of 20% of all sales to provide stray cats with food and medical care.

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