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Volkswagen made history with one of its most iconic cars. We call it the Beetle. Best known for its cute and curvy shape, the first model was produced by the company back in the 1930s. 

Volkswagen, when translated from German, means the "people's car". VW built to be an efficient yet inexpensive vehicle for the everyday family. 

Even though automobile technology has been refined and improved over the years, the beloved Beetle largely stayed the same with its iconic curve and silhouette. 

However, despite the commitment to the iconic shape of the Beetle, car owners in the 1970s wanted to push the limits and functions of the practical vehicle, and they took the city car to places off-road. 

Known as the Super Bugger, Volkswagen owners had Beetles that were a cross between it and an RV. Not to be mistaken, this eye-catching bug camper still exists today.

In 1975, the well known Super Bugger was the design of a third party company, which constructed and sold the vehicle for $6,000. 

One couple who have maintained their Volkswagen Beetle camper ever since buying it in the 1970s showed it off at a car show held in 2016. For the two who prefer to sleep under the night sky filled with stars, it is no problem that the space in the camper lacks space for a bed. 

They revealed a tiny interior and only a modest kitchen inside, which is enough for a long trip. The couple shared that this bug camper provided (and still provides, with upkeep) some convenience on long cross-country trips.

As seen before, the Beetle has been a huge inspiration when it comes to designing hybrid motors. 

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