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From Ferris wheels to Storm Troopers, Lego bricks have been used to create awesome things over the years.

Like the longest bridge completely made out of Lego bricks. It contains more than 200,000 bricks and was initially put on display at a mall in Scotland. It weighs almost a ton, is over 34 metres long and took three months to build.

Sure, a lot of flags have been built out of Lego bricks, but the biggest flag ever built out of Lego bricks is the Canadian flag. It contains more than 248,000 bricks and was built to celebrate Canada Day. It measures 6.4 metres long and is 3.7 metres high. This is definitely one flag where you don’t want any wind to blow near it.

The record for making the largest Lego ball in the world belongs to the crew from the TV show, Mythbusters. During one of their episodes, they wanted to see if it’s possible to create a Lego ball and roll it down a hill, little did they know that they were in the process of making the world’s largest Lego ball.

It took them two weeks to build it in their shop and only 10 seconds to break apart as it was rolled down the hill.

To see what these world records and more look like, watch the SpitBrix video below.

Image credit: Popular Cruising

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