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People out there have some rather interesting objects that they bring into the Pawn Stars shop. Here are 20 of the super rare high-value items that they've appraised.

If you've never seen Pawn Stars before, it's a show on the History channel about the daily dealings of a pawn shop in the United States. Over the years, they've seen some a fair share of unique, unusual or downright astonishing items brought into the store.

The video below is a compilation of the 20 super rare high-value items to come into the store. The variety is surprising. From Napoleon's signature to a Pokemon card collection worth over $380,000, it's mind-blowing.

Other items include war memorabilia like an Enigma coding machine that the German's used during World War II, that encoded messages that the Allies couldn't understand.

Then, there's a copy of a book called Extracts From The Votes And Proceedings Of The American Continental Congress. This was the precursor to the Declaration Of Independence.

Another rare book is one called A Tryal Of Witches At The Assizes printed in 1716. It's an actual account of witchcraft in the 1600s, centred around the trial of Rose Cullender and Amy Duny, two English widows accused of bewitching children.

If books aren't your thing, then there are other toys, like a set of unproduced Care Bear Cousins. Or how about a 1979 Toy Fair prototype, one-of-a-kind, rocket-firing Boba Fett. Possibly the most sought-after collectable in the Star Wars universe.

There is a Triumph motorcycle, a rare silver dollar, a large gem and a rocket-firing toy bazooka from the 60s. One guy even brings them a 1978 Triple Crown Trophy, which they're not even sure if they are allowed to buy.

It's fascinating and, quite often, insightful. It's not just about negotiating a deal, many times, there is a lot of history behind these items. Other times, it's just plain cool. I suggest you hit that play button to find out more about these and others of the 20 super rare high-value items brought to the Pawn Stars shop.

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