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Laughing at others expense is something many of us can't help doing. So here are 25 funniest fails in sports for you to chuckle at.

Yes, it's probably rude, but laughter is the best medicine. In this case, we're having a giggle at the 25 funniest fails in sport. Some of these clips are funny because of circumstance while others are just coincidence.

For instance, there's a heavyweight boxer who gets, literally, knocked out of the ring. Or the jockey who does a cartwheel in the air and over an obstacle during a horserace. That's because of circumstance.

Coincidence is a little different. Like when a cricketer fielded the ball and threw it to the wicketkeeper. The ball and his sunglasses coincidentally occupied the same space in the air after the latter fell off his head. Needless to say, the sunglasses had zero chance of surviving a direct hit from a hard cricket ball.

There are many other examples of both of these situations in the video below, but there are others too. Some involve unfortunate luck while others are the result of a player attempting to show off and making a fool of themselves.

All of this, though, does make for hilarious viewing, so hit that play button and enjoy 25 funniest fails in sports.

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