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Across northern and western Europe, the Celts were an Iron Age people. In Spain and other places, powerful tribes ruled over large areas of territory. The Celts had a strong artistic and military presence and were well-known for their exquisite gold jewellery and intricate stonework designs. Finding jewellery in situ is a unique chance to gain more insight into this ancient society, as jewellery was a status symbol for the wealthy in this community. Two remarkable and exquisite gold necklaces, referred to as "torcs," dating back 2,500 years were found in August 2023 by a Spanish water worker who was surveying land close to Cavandi in Asturias.

Sergio Marciandi, the worker, noticed a flash of gold among the rocks. It was a choker made of twisted gold. The necklace was probably buried in a treasure hoard by its ancient owner, who left it exposed over time. It might have been exposed after centuries by recent rockslides. Pablo Arias, an archaeologist at the University of Cantabria, was informed about the discovery by Marciandi. While excavating the site, Arias and Asturias Archaeological Museum researchers found another necklace. Though broken, the second one was almost as amazing as the first.

Rub patterns on the metal of both torches show obvious signs of wear by their prehistoric owners. Arias told CNN that "not everyone could afford one of these necklaces," indicating that the owners were probably well off. 

The jewellery is thought to be roughly 2,500 years old, which puts it during a period of Celtic dominance in the area. More opportunities to examine the artefacts have been made possible by the recent discovery of these torcs, which consist of an engraved design, metal spirals, and a central rod. They are comparable to finds made in the same area centuries ago when provenance was improperly documented. Arias says, "We have very specific information about where they were found." "It truly is exceptional."

Even though there is still much to learn about the significance of these necklaces, learning more about the Iron Age residents of the area was made possible by their discovery. 

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