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In the vicinity of his home on a chilly winter's day in Crystal, Minnesota, Mike Parker observed something strange. For as far as the eye could reach, golden kernels of corn covered the nearby train tracks. The most amazing thing of all was how much this enchanted scene resembled the fanciful Yellow Brick Road from The Wizard of Oz.

Naturally, Parker posted a photo of the tracks to Twitter after taking it. Because the spill appeared too clean and no wild animals were present to enjoy this embarrassment of edible riches, users believed his photo was phoney. It turns out, however, that Parker's picture was authentic despite all the doubters. The spill happened on a 2,000-foot stretch of the Canadian Pacific rail line. Rumour has it that roughly 900 bushels, or roughly $3,500 worth of grain, of corn, were lost to the tracks.

As it happens, not many animals were able to partake in the abundance of corn kernels that were waiting for them. After using a high-rail vacuum truck to clean up the spill, railroad workers removed the golden path. 

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