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The gigantic 16th-century sculpture known as Colosso dell'Appennino, or the Appennine Colossus, is shrouded within the park of Villa Demidoff, Italy.

Italian sculptor, Giambologna, sculpted the massive detailed sculpture in 1580. The statue sits like a guardian above the pond in front of him, with an endless watchful pose. This mountain god, standing 35 feet tall over the ground of the Villa di Pratolino in Tuscany, was built by the sculptor as a symbol of Italy's rugged Apennine mountains.

The rugged, mountainous statue is not only beautiful to look at but also hides a wonderful secret. This magnificent statue's interior hides several rooms with different functions that made this colossus come to life. 

The monster that is his left hand, holds spewing water from an underground stream, and it is rumoured that the space in his head was made for a fireplace which, when lit, would blow smoke out of his nostrils.

Back in the day, the statue was not the only remarkable art displayed there. At one point, the colossal figure stood amidst a number of other bronze statues. However, over time, many of them were stolen or lost. 

The massive brick and stone structure withstood centuries in the same spot, managing to maintain its figurative composition all this time.

The park that the colossus is situated in was once a part of an estate for the mistress of an Italian duke. The amazing garden served as the perfect setting for the gentle giant. 

What better sculpture than this majestic giant that demonstrates a connection between man and nature. The massive size of the structure also echoes a relationship that is greater than reality. The colossus presents a surreal bond to nature and humanity.

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