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Domino’s is quite interesting. Not only are they used to play the traditional game of dominoes, but also used to create incredible work of art, which usually ends in a fascinating way by falling down, which is known as a domino run. Over the years many people and artists have displayed their domino art works which exceeds the number of usual domino’s. However, one team in particular has taken the arts of domino to a whole new number. The Dutch Domino Team built an absolutely outstanding 3D amusement park themed domino run. This design makes use of several Rube Goldberg tricks and a total of 750 thousand dominos.“Welcome to the world’s largest domino event of this decade! This spectacular 750,000 domino setup displays an amusement park with all the iconic rides, divided into three distinct themes: Candy, Maya, and Space.” After taking a while to set up the whole design, it was time for the domino run. The whole set up took over 17 minutes to fall down, setting a new amateur record.

This remarkable event occurred at the World Domino Collective 2022 in The Netherlands city of Veenendaal. Domino expert Lily Hevesh was on hand to capture this incredible event firsthand.

Here’s the footage from the Dutch Domino Team.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage that shows how this massive run was made.

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