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The sounds of people dancing, walking, running, or even animals taking a stroll seems very realistic in movies. Did you know that most of these footsteps in films and television shows are created in the studio by artists? And not the same artist you see on screen. 

Abby Tang of Movies Insider made a visit to the veteran foley artist Stefan Fraticelli of Oddio Studios where she learned how these realistic footstep sounds are created. 

Fraticelli explained while demonstrating the various tools used to create the perfect footstep for every step and occasion. Some of the tools is a normal healed shoe, others are quite out of the box. Fraticelli fully understands the different sounds that feet make due to environment, weather, and situation and addresses the issue with creative solutions.

“Finding the right footwear, surface, and sync is not always straightforward. For example, if he has to match a pair of high heels on-screen, real heels will produce an unpleasant sound against rocks or dirt, so he’ll use sneakers instead. And if he wants to create creepy creaking sounds on a wood floor in a horror movie, he’ll have to do it with just socks on so the sound fully comes through.”

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