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Pups can be super adorable with their unique antics, however, sometimes when it comes to what they love, they can be stubborn. Just like this adorable pup named Duke who absolutely loves water and swimming.

Duke’s mom, Kimberly shared an adorable video of the golden retriever enjoying his time in the pool. However, when it came to the time to get out, sweet Duke kindly refused. In an edited video KRL Voiceovers amusingly gave voice to Duke. who refused to get out of the pool despite the repeated requests of his human Kimberly.

Each time Kimberly asked Duke to get out, the stubborn dog just lightly shook his head and showed a clear no. he even started to walk away from the ledge more to the middle of the pool making it harder for his mom to get him. KRL provided further conversational quips on behalf of Duke that perfectly blended in with Kimberly’s original pleas.

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