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Cat owners or the neighbour’s of cat owners, know the irritated feeling when cats starts getting noisy whether at 3am in the morning or throughout the day. Cats can be very persistent with their meows when they feel like talking. Some of us have managed to simple block it out and ignore it, however one person who falls in the group of not being able to block it out is David Scott.

However, instead of wanting it to stop, Scott was inspired by it. Hearing the constant meows was an inspiration behind an entire multi-chorus song. Scott is known for his editing and videos as the The Kiffness. 

In a recent video, Scott shared his “steps ” in how he made the tune on his popular YouTube channel. In the three minute video, Scott explained all nine steps anyone can take to make their own collaborative mix using the neighbour noisy cat.

Scott used his neighbour’s cat unusual meow, which sounds very similar to a small child, for the basis of his song. In his first step, Scott recreated the beat from Toto’s “Africa.” Using a cowbell, shaker, and bongo. Afterwards, he starts adding the backing music to the cat’s noise.

In his second step he added the bass and eventually his own lyrics which he has written from the feline’s perspective. “Hey friend, I don’t know where you’ve been. Hey friend, won’t you let me in?” Scott even added some harmonies by adding two cats who is harmonising a trumpet solo. 

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