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We all have heard it a million times, that washing your hands is important. One might consider this a valuable life skill, which is often reinforced in schools. However, we all tend to forget that sometimes.

Starting to explain this valuable life skill to children in a way they understand the bigger picture, is sometime challenging. However, an Oak Ridge, Tennessee-based teacher Courtney Lee Simpson came up with the most clever and interesting way to explain the importance of washing your hands to children.

Simpson shared her clever lesson, which she introduced to her Pre-K students, on Facebook and it has since went viral. “To all my teacher friends this is the grossest yet coolest experiment. I did this while teaching about germs and how they spread.”

Simpson place three slices of bread, the control; another clean; and the other dirty, into separate bags. The controlled piece was placed in the bag by wearing gloves. Afterwards, Simpson washed her hands and placed the clean slice in a different bag, and finally the last slice of bread, the dirty, was touched by each child in her classroom and placed in a bag. 

As time went on, the germs started growing on the dirty slice of bread, and eventually turned green and mouldy. The other clean and controlled slices deteriorated much better.

“Hands on activities and visuals are very important to use with that age. That is how they learn,” Simpson told a media outlet.

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