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Taking wrong turns happen often, it's probably something we've all done before. Maybe not when it comes to a race though.

A 9-year-old boy from Minnesota in the United States loves running because he "likes to waste his energy"… we bet that's something his mom told him when she sent him out on his first run.

According to Kade Lovell's mom, he's been running races since he was 18-months-old. No wonder he's so fit at only 9-years-old!

When his local church organised a race, Kade entered for the 5km race since he felt he wasn't up to doing the 10km run just yet.

At first, Kade's mom was very worried when she didn't spot him at the 5km race finish line. She thought he might just be having an off day. After waiting for a while her concern soon turned to panic.

By the time Kade's mom found him at the 10km finish line, she was furious. That's when they discovered that he took a wrong turn during the 5km run and had just finished the 10km race. Because he was the only one there, both Kade and his mom thought he was the last person to finish.

Meanwhile, Kade actually won the 10km race at a brilliant time of just over 48 minutes and the other people were still behind him.

His response? "I was like, what? I have a 10k medal. I won on accident."

Watch the Fox 9 video below to see how Kade won a 10km race by accident.

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